NY Mets Themed Birthday Cake (Bonus: Cake Balls!)

I usually don’t include the cakes I decorate in my blog, since they’re not really “recipes” and I tend to make up what I’m doing as I go. I never take pictures while I’m working on them, cause it’s usually pretty messy and I’m concentrating on decorating perfectly, but I’ve made some cute ones in the past that I realized I should probably share on here (when I get home, I’ll upload some of the pictures that I have taken of the final products).

I’m in New York visiting family this month, and my uncle (a New York Mets fan) has a birthday coming up soon. Since I wasn’t in my usual kitchen with all my cake decorating supplies and equipment, I used my grandmother’s kitchen and some cake mix and canned icing (ahh! I know it’s terrible… usually when I decorate cakes I make my own) and some other food dyes, chocolate chips, and and colored icings-in-a-tube that she gave me.

At first, I had planned to make a big sheet cake and cut it into a jersey shape, which I would decorate like a Mets jersey. It was going to be super cute. So I cut it into the right shape and everything was great until I flipped it out of the baking dish and it crumbled and part of it fell onto the floor.

So I threw away the floor cake and took the rest of it and crumbled it up in a mixing bowl. I did some quick thinking and came up with the idea for cake balls decorated like baseballs! I still wasn’t sure how I was going to fit it in with a themed cake, but I mixed the cake crumbs with some of the icing, and rolled them into balls which I refrigerated overnight.

Then, in the morning, I dipped them in white chocolate and let them dry standing up (I used an old egg carton to hold up the toothpicks I used for dipping them). This method helps the cake balls to stay spherical instead of having that flat bottom that truffles and dipped chocolate things often get from sitting on wax paper while the chocolate dries. I found that an egg carton is a way cheaper alternative to the floral decorating foam or whatever it is that recipes often recommend using for cake pops.

On a sheet of wax paper, I used the leftover melted white chocolate to draw the Mets logo. I just spooned small amounts of white chocolate onto the wax paper, and then used a toothpick to sort of spread it into the right shape. Then I put it in the freezer until it was solidified. After it hardened, I took it out and drew in the colored part with one of those little tubes of blue gel icing and some orange-dyed icing piped through a ziplock baggie.

I used a spatula to transfer it onto a cake that I had made with a little cake batter just baked in a pie dish. I had iced the cake plain white with a blue piped border around the bottom (I used a ziplock baggie for that, too).

You can see close-up that I made baseball designs on each cake ball with a little tube of red gel icing. I attached three of them to the cake with a bit of blue icing underneath each.

I made a few more baseball-decorated cake balls to bring along with the cake, but I had a lot more plain cake balls left over, which I decided to dip in melted chocolate chips and decorate with a little bit of chopped almonds on top of each one.

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