It was my sister’s birthday recently, and she wanted a light lunch for herself and a few friends that afternoon with just sandwiches and chips. I had seen a cute idea online for a Swedish “sandwich cake” (smörgåstårta) made of stacked bread and savory fillings in a round shape, and I thought it would be fun to try it out with my homemade bread and my sister’s favorite meats and cheeses!

If you have a homemade bread recipe that you like, you can use any one. This is mine, and I love how simple it is because you stir together all the ingredients at once in a big container, and then it rises overnight in the fridge and is pretty much ready to go straight into the oven when you want to make the bread.

On the day of my sister’s birthday, I put the dough into a greased round cake pan and spread it out a little to reach the edges, then baked it until it was golden on top.


I cut a small amount of bread off from around the edge so that it would be straight rather than a little rounded


and then I sliced the loaf of bread into three layers.


I found a pretty cake plate and put the bottom layer of bread on it. Then I started to layer the sandwich fillings. Usually, these sandwich cakes have fillings of shrimp or fish or a type of egg salad, but I used my sister’s favorite sliced ham and turkey with provolone cheese. You can use anything you like, but here’s how I did mine:


1: Add sliced ham
2: Add sliced provolone
3: Add cucumber slices
4: Add shredded lettuce
5: Add another bread layer, with Dijon mustard spread on the bottom side and honey mustard spread on the top. Then add lettuce
6: Add sliced turkey
7: Add sliced provolone
8: Add pickles
9: Add the final bread layer (upside-down with the flat side facing up so that the top of the cake won’t be curved)

I added a little extra flavor to the sandwich-cake by spreading mustard on the top and bottom of the middle layer of the cake. I used Dijon mustard on one side, flipped it over and added it to the cake, and then spread honey mustard on the top side.


Depending on how you fold the meats and cheeses and depending on how thick the bread you use is, the cake can end up being pretty tall


For the cake’s “icing” I let some cream cheese come to room temperature, then beat it together with milk until it was fluffy and spreadable. I also added salt, pepper, and some dried herbs to the cream cheese spread.


Pretty much any vegetables and fresh herbs will make pretty decorations for a sandwich cake. After icing my cake with the cream cheese spread the same way I would ice any other cake, I used chopped fresh chives as kind of “sprinkles” around the top edge. Then I sliced cucumbers very thinly and stuck them to the icing on the sides of the cake. I put some extra shredded lettuce around the bottom edge, and added a few cherry tomatoes which I had cut into flowers by slicing a zigzag around the middle of the tomato and then pulling it apart into two little tulip shapes.


I put a deviled egg in the center of the top surface of the cake, and decorated around it with shredded lettuce, chives, tomato flowers, and a really thin cucumber slice which I rolled up into a little cucumber curl.


This is a very cute and impressive way to serve sandwiches, and looks really elegant and pretty for a luncheon or shower or any kind of tea-party sort of get together!

There’s really not a “recipe” for the sandwich-cake, but just for reference I used three 8 oz packages of cream cheese and about 1/3 cup of milk for the icing. The spices I added were ½ teaspoon each salt and pepper, and a teaspoon of dried oregano. I ended up using about a quarter pound each sliced turkey and sliced ham, and the link to my recipe for homemade bread can be found up towards the beginning of this blog post.

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